China Insights provides you with actionable analysis about market- and industry-moving policy developments in the world’s second largest economy.

Delivered monthly by our lead China analyst, Jens Presthus, the note provides:

  • Short, succinct and engaging analysis that cuts through market noise – focusing on the developments that really matter.
  • Analysis that not just outline the content of new policies – be it industrial, monetary, technology or trade policy – but also explain what they mean for both Chinese and foreign corporates, investors and organisations.
  • The occasional critical take on media-friendly policy announcements, explaining which ones that matter and which ones that don’t.

Recent Issues

China’s ever-widening trade surplus, a bad sign for the economic recovery

July 2022

China’s trade surplus widened to almost $100 bn in June, a new record.

Zero covid and the hibernating consumer

June 2022

The Chinese consumer does not believe that the worst is over, prioritising food and energy over cars and smartphones.

The war in Ukraine through the eyes of Beijing, and what it all means for Taiwan

May 2022

Reunification with Taiwan is a key element of President Xi Jinping’s “rejuvenation of the Chinese nation”.

Fiscal support to secure 5.5% growth, but real estate held back by weak demand

April 2022

2022 has been a challenging year for Beijing.

Outcomes of the NPC: postponed reforms and policymakers in crisis mode

March 2022

Protecting national security and meeting basic energy and food needs took centre stage at this year’s annual meeting of the National People’s Congress.

The PBoC's dilemma: supporting growth without triggering capital outflows

February 2022

As the pandemic rebound fades and the economic outlook worsen, policymakers in Beijing are debating how to make sure growth does not fall below 5%.

The state advances while the private sector retreats

January 2022

Why the state’s role in China’s economy is rapidly increasing.