On 24th February, Russian troops entered Ukraine. This is not only a human tragedy but a geo-political event of immense significance which has a host of short and long-term consequences. Policymakers in Europe and the US have stressed that everything is now on the table. Whatever new measures might ensue and depending on Russia’s counter-response, the immediate costs and possible risks for investors and corporates in the region have never been higher.

Global Counsel is going beyond the news cycle to analyse what the conflict means for businesses and policymakers in the region and beyond.

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What’s at stake in Central Asia from the war in Ukraine?

7 Apr 2022 | Alexander Smotrov and Alexander van der Wusten

The Russia-Ukraine war was the elephant in the room at the inaugural Tashkent International Investment Forum in late March. 

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Six weeks later: how the Ukraine invasion has changed the world

7 Apr 2022 | Alexander Smotrov, Anikó Zsebik and Alexander van der Wusten

On this week’s podcast, Alexander Smotrov, Practice Lead, CEE, Russia and Eurasia, chairs a panel of Global Counsel experts to discuss the latest developments in the crisis and reflect on our recent event series covering the impact of the conflict on different regions and sectors.

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How the war in Ukraine sets the to-do-list of the prospective Hungarian government

1 Apr 2022 | Anikó Zsebik

While the repercussions of the Russian invasion of Ukraine can be felt globally, the surrounding region is undoubtedly the most affected. 

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Globalisation in reverse: sanctions and the future of multilateralism

29 Mar 2022 | Jon Garvie

Russia is now the most sanctioned country in history. Since Russian troops invaded Ukraine on 24th February, 4,860 new measures have been applied to 519 entities, 4,309 individuals, 30 vessels and 3 aircraft. 

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Top in Tech: Russia-Ukraine and the EU's Data Act

24 Mar 2022 | Conan D’Arcy, Miranda Lutz and Jack Keevill

Conan D’Arcy, Senior Practice Lead for TMT is joined by Senior Associates Miranda Lutz and Jack Keevill. They discuss the tech industry's response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine and new regulations for data privacy.

How an international embargo against Russian oil could work

18 Mar 2022 | Thomas Gratowski

What seemed the most extreme of scenarios three weeks ago is now slowly becoming a reality: an embargo against Russian oil exports. 

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Russia-Ukraine: the impact on the Middle East

31st Mar 2022

Digital in-conversation with Karen Young, Director of Program on Economics and Energy at the Middle East Institute in Washington and Ahmed Helal, Practice Lead, Policy and Strategy at Global Counsel MENA, discuss the Ukraine crisis and its impact on the Middle East.

Russia-Ukraine: history as it happens

24th Mar 2022

Digital in-conversation with Denzil Davidson, Adviser, Global Counsel; and historian Mary Elise Sarotte, professor at Johns Hopkins University and author of the new book ‘Not One Inch: America, Russia, and the Making of Post-Cold War Stalemate’, discuss the symbolic and practical aims of the trip, Putin's goals and what it means for European security.

Russia-Ukraine: inside Moscow and Kyiv

18 Mar 2022

Digital panel discussion with Owen Matthews, journalist, author and Newsweek’s former Moscow correspondent; Sergii Drobysh, a Ukraine-based political analyst; and Benjamin Wegg-Prosser, Global Counsel’s managing director, to explore where the conflict may go next, the options on the table for Russia's leadership and what the future holds for Russians and Ukrainians.

Russia-Ukraine: the impact on Asia

09 Mar 2022 

Digital in-conversation with Benjamin Wegg-Prosser, Managing Director, Global Counsel; and Bilahari Kausikan, Chairman, the Middle East Institute (National University of Singapore) discussing the impact of the Ukrainian crisis across Southeast and East Asia.

Russia – Ukraine: how much worse can it get?

3 Mar 2022

Benjamin Wegg-Prosser, Managing Director, Global Counsel; Chris Weafer, a Moscow-based investment strategist and founding partner of Macro-Advisory; and Rebecca Park, Practice Lead, Financial Services, Global Counsel, discuss the sanctions’ impact on corporates and investors and the specific challenges they face in Russia and the wider region.

The Ukraine invasion: a global perspective

25 Feb 2022

GC experts discuss the Ukraine invasion, the immediate costs and possible risks for investors and corporates in the region, the long-term implications and the Western sanctions introduced so far and possible further measures by the UK, US and EU.

The Russia-Ukraine escalation: regional and business implications

18 Feb 2022

Marek Matraszek, Chairman, CEC Group; Vasyl Myroshnychenko, Partner, CFC Big Ideas; Alexander Smotrov, Practice Lead for Central and Eastern Europe, Global Counsel; and Rebecca Park, Senior Practice Lead, Financial Services, Global Counsel, investigate the potential regional implications of the current crisis and provide insights and outlook for domestic and international businesses operating in Ukraine, Russia and their neighbouring countries. 

This event was held in collaboration with CEC Group