Ukraine war: winter without winners

In this report, we summarise the key implications of the war in 2022 and the outlook for 2023. 

Opening up with the Russia-Ukraine war scenarios in the next 12 months and the crucial factors and inflection points to watch, the report continues with the policy and business trends of the past year, presented through data charts and qualitative analysis. 

As foreign companies continue to withdraw from Russia, under pressure from international sanctions, as well as from investors and consumers at home, companies from different countries approach the exit differently and some of them leave the backdoor ajar for the return to the Russian market. 

While the war is far from being over, the first building blocks for Ukraine’s reconstruction are now being put in place. The report provides an overview of the three stages and main milestones of this process and business involvement in it. 

Our sectoral and geographical teams also looked at the reshaping of the European and global energy market as a result of the war, and the changing role of the US and Middle Eastern suppliers. Finally, the report captures ongoing economic changes in the key regional markets – Poland, Lithuania, Serbia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkey. 

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